Job Vacancy: Housekeeping Supervisor (X2 POSTS)


Job Vacancy: Housekeeping Supervisor: EHS (X2 POSTS)

Salary: R171,537 per annum

Centre: Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory


  • Minimum educational qualification: General Education and Training Certificate (GETC)/Grade 9 (Std 7).
  • Experience: Appropriate cleaning/housekeeping, Terminal Cleaning, Stock Control, Linen Management, and Waste Management experience in a hospital environment.
  • Inherent requirement of the job: Sound verbal and written communication skills in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape. Willingness to work overtime and shifts.
  • Competencies (knowledge/skills): Must have knowledge of cleaning and housekeeping policies, protocols, and procedures as well as Infection Prevention Control measures. Knowledge of how to operate the cleaning equipment, perform terminal cleaning, and effective usage of consumables. Good interpersonal, organizing, and decision-making skills.


Responsible for overall control, organizing, performing, and coordinating tasks related to linen, waste management, hygiene services, terminal cleaning, contract management, and stock control. Responsible for record-keeping and compilation of reports. To submit requisition for repairs of broken equipment thus ensuring a safe working environment. Relief according to the needs of the service. Coordination of the provision of effective training appropriate to service delivery. Effectively manage the utilization and supervision of resources as well related HR matters.


Mr M Wehr Tel No: (021) 404-4052


Applications are submitted online via (click “online applications”).

NOTE: No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.

Closing Date:

29 September 2023

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