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Careers at the Shoprite Group

The Shoprite Group is the largest private sector employer in South Africa and a leading employer in Africa. Our over 153,000 employees are undoubtedly the heroes in our success story, and investing in our people forms part of the Group’s purpose and values.

We focus on attracting, developing, and retaining a loyal and committed workforce, dedicated to the Group’s culture, innovative ways of thinking, and organizational objectives.

Work at our offices

We offer a range of exciting career opportunities at our various divisional offices across Africa, as well as home office departments and ShopriteX in Cape Town.

Work at our stores

A wide range of store-environment positions are also available in our operations, including food, furniture, financial, and cellular retailing. To apply, send a WhatsApp message to 0872405709 and select Job Opportunities or click below.

Youth opportunities

If you’re ambitious and serious about your future, our youth opportunities will set you on the path to success. Opportunities include our Retail Readiness Programme (RRP), Youth Employment Services (YES) Initiative, and bursaries to study in several academic fields.

With these initiatives, we actively contribute to the skills development of the next generation of South Africa by helping the youth build long-term careers.

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Being part of the Shoprite team

With over 153,000 employees across the African continent, Shoprite has become an employer of choice. We take pride in being an innovation-driven company with a strong hire-to-retire model and work hard to attract, retain, and reward a talented and diverse workforce. The Group is also committed to respecting and protecting human rights in its operations and business dealings.

We invest in and provide continuous training and upskilling opportunities by embracing lifelong learning through e-learning programs and other means to enable our people to reach their full potential.

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